Thursday, April 21, 2011


For this assignment we went back to the use of depth and focusing in on a particular person or object and having a blurry background. Also known as foreground/background. These are my two favorite photos. 

Final Project

After a great year of photography and experimenting with different forms of photography, I have found my passion and what I want to continue to photograph. Between the photos I have taken in class and the photos I have taken outside of class, I have determined that my favorite things to photograph are beaches and city scapes. I like capturing the true blue of the ocean because it is one of the most beautiful sites in the world. For city scapes, I like taking photos of the diferent shapes and patterns that we see every day in the city. For these photos, I like using black and white becuase I think it adds a certain element of emotion to the photos. I also like using black and white for these photos becuase it enhances the shape or pattern of what I am capturing. And of course, I really enjoyed usisng the Sandbox effects on Picnik.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Team Project

For this project we had to take photos of everyone in our class and write a paragraph about their style of photography. For my project, I chose to use a them in order to portray each "team member".

Keely: Keely likes to take photos of objects, people, or views very close up. She likes to focus specifically on the subject of her photo. She focuses in on that subject and zooms in with her camera. Keely also likes to capture the textures in her subjects and make that the focus of her photos. The textures she captures are very rich.

Jessica: Jessica is an amazing photographer who really takes her time in order to capture the perfect photo. She enjoys taking portraits in the style of Avedon. She will take her time in order to obtain the truest emotion that her subject can give her. Her work is very moving because the emotions are so real. 

Carlos: Carlos has a style of his very own. His photos are very dark and creepy and tend to be taken at weird angles. His most impressive work was his street photography. Carlos' photos were eery and moving at the same time. His stalker-nature of the photos made for a very interesting series. Also, his tendency to use contrasting black and white allows for very rich photos. 

Reid: Reid's style is very creepy and scary. He likes to take photos of people or common objects and distort them on iphoto. These distortions and added features allow for scary photos. Reid's style is very much creepy and scary and he isn't afraid to push the boundaries of disturbing. 

Min Soo:  Min Soo has a very unique and beautiful style of his own. His surreal photos are amazing and beautiful. All of his photos have an element of surrealism, whether they be of the city or food. His photos also tend to play around with lighting and contrasting very bright lights with dark shadows. 

Maddi: Maddi enjoys taking photos and creating stories or more specifically comics with her photos. Her stories are entertaining and I find it very interesting that she uses her photos in this way. It is very creative and I think she has a lot of potential to improve as a photographer. 

Sacha: Sacha has a very creative style of her own. She enjoys taking photos of every day objects, such as bikes, and portraying them in a whole new way. By doing this, she is creating a new way to look at these objects and put her own spin on them. Her photos are very artistic and very bright in color. 

Stephanie:  Stephanie has a very interesting and very creative style. She enjoys coming up with new creative ideas and expanding on past photographers styles. She ranges from taking portraits to artsy photos of salt, Stephanie isn't scared to push herself when it comes to taking photos.  Stephanie has a lot of potential to become an even better photographer and I look forward to seeing her future work. 

Isaac: Welcome to Drew and most importantly welcome to photography! I hope you enjoy yourself and take advantage of this great opportunity. Have fun!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Final Grid Series

I picked these photos for my final series because I feel that these photos represent what I was trying to achieve in this series. All of these photos flow nicely from one to the other and they all consist of lines and light and darkness.